Academy of Finland Data 18.10.2019
Funding decisions
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Academy Project funding TT
Research Council communication re. the decision
Bova, Steve TAY Tracing molecular origins of metastatic prostate cancer (MetaTrace) 294820 27.04.2016 01.09.2016 - 31.12.2018 206 333

Pesu, Marko TAY Proprotein Convertase Enzymes in Immune Regulation 295814 27.04.2016 01.09.2016 - 31.12.2018 145 655

Tezvergil-Mutluay, Arzu TY Dentin degradation: A challenge for restorative dentistry 296653 27.04.2016 01.01.2017 - 31.12.2018 106 492

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