Academy of Finland
Funding decision
Applicant / Contact person Linder, Markus
Organisation Aalto University
Project title A novel material concept for high strength cellulose composites
Decision No. 326345
Decision date 10.12.2018
Funding period 01.01.2019 - 31.12.2021
Funding 233 184
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Project description
There is a strong need in our society to develop new materials that are produced in a sustainable way. These new materials will replace plastics that are produced from fossil raw materials and that form huge problems as they accumulate in nature. Cellulose is one of nature’s best materials, but has limitations in the way we can process it and form different shapes form it. In this project we take the approach to start with wood pieces that are treated so that all lignin and hemicellulose are removed. This “delignified” wood is then impregnated again with adhesive molecules, i.e. different glues. As a result we obtain a very strong material that can be shaped into different forms by pressing. We studying a variety of different natural adhesive molecules for this process. In this way we form all biological materials fulfilling needs of sustainability and performance