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Hakija / Yhteyshenkilö Dwivedi, Om Prakash
Organisaatio Helsingin yliopisto
Tutkimusaihe Developing urinary extracellular vesicle transcriptomics as virtual kidney biopsies: A novel tool for diabetic kidney disease prediction
Päätös 317599
Päätöspvm 18.06.2018
Rahoituskausi 01.09.2018 - 31.08.2021
Rahoitus (€) 271 448
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Diabetic kidney disease (DKD) is a leading cause of end-stage renal disease (ESRD) affecting 20%-40% diabetics. Progress in the development of its biomarkers and therapies has been slow due to difficulties in obtaining kidney biopsies and lack of non-invasive methods. Here we propose to test the hypothesis that Urinary EVs (UEVs), which can be isolated non-invasively from body fluids, can mimic kidney gene expression and serve as virtual/liquid kidney biopsies. We also plan to integrate UEVs RNA profiles with genomics data and a novel diabetes classification (identifying DKD susceptible individuals) to develop early stage DKD non-invasively . We believe that the proposed study could potentially help in developing clinically tools for precision medicine in DKD and understanding its pathogenesis.