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Sökande / Kontakt person Malecka, Magdalena
Organisation Helsingfors universitet
Projektets titel Behaviour, knowledge, policy. A philosophy of science perspective on the applications of the behavioural sciences to policymaking.
Beslutnr 308682
Beslutsdatum 13.06.2017
Finansierings period 01.09.2017 - 31.08.2018
Finansiering 92 410
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Beskrivning av projektet
Scientific findings change our worldview, question our common sense intuitions, give new justifications for our practice. However, the relationship between science and its practical implications is not always so straightforward. The proponents of bringing the recent behavioural sciences to policy believe that these sciences provide us with new important insights about human behaviour that should be taken into account by policymakers. But upon inspection we find out that the relationship between the behavioural sciences and policy is more nuanced. It is not only novel “behavioural” knowledge that leads to new applications in policymaking. It is also the change in the ways of regulating behaviour in advanced democracies that triggers the developments in the behavioural sciences. My project provides a philosophical analysis of the interplay between the behavioural sciences and the pragmatic aims they intend to advance.