Academy of Finland
Funding decision
Name Bamberg, Jarkko
Organisation TAU
Project title Affective landscapes of running
Decision No. 326555
Decision date 29.04.2016
Funding period 01.01.2019 - 31.08.2019
Funding 92 039
WebFOCUS Report
Project description
Trail running is quickly gaining global popularity. But why do people feel like running on trails, and what do people get from running in green environments? How do they experience the environment while they are running? Providing answers to these questions is critical for understanding the associations between physical activity, green environments and mental and physical wellbeing in everyday life. There is convincing evidence that physical activity in green environments improves health and wellbeing. However, previous research has primarily been based on surveys, physiological measurements and experimental settings. It has not been able to grasp the dynamics and specifics of the everyday experiences of green exercise. To fill this gap, this project studies trail running in Finland as an embodied, sensual and spatio-temporal practice through which affective relationships between the self, body and the environment are formed and sustained.