Suomen Akatemia
Nimi Genty, Goery
Organisaatio TTY
Tutkimusaihe Smart autonomous broadband laser light
Päätös 318082
Päätöspvm 20.12.2017
Rahoituskausi 01.01.2018 - 31.12.2021
Rahoitus (€) 465 924
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Lasers are essential to our everyday life and their field of applications is very diverse, ranging from fundamental precision frequency metrology and research into light-matter interactions to applied material processing, medical treatments, biological imaging, information transmission, or remote sensing. The goal of the project is to use machine learning approaches in order to generate generate ultra-broadband laser light sources that self-adapt to the application at hand, allowing for light sources with versatile and reconfigurable use and for reaching significantly better performances. The outcome of the project will be versatile and autonomous systems capable of delivering pulses with adjustable spectral bandwidth, power density, polarization, coherence, duration and repetition rate. Such sources will constitute a new paradigm for versatile laser systems, opening up completely new perspectives for real-world applications in medical and bio-imaging and long-range sensing.