Finlands Akademi
Namn Gibson, Brian
Organisation VTT OY
Projektets titel Novel Yeast for Frozen Dough Baking Applications
Beslutnr 305453
Beslutsdatum 30.09.2016
Finansieringsperiod 01.10.2016 - 30.09.2018
Finansiering 294 883
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Beskrivning av projektet
Frozen dough technology permits separation of dough production and baking. By doing so, the baker can easily prepare fresh batches of bread throughout the day. However, freezing negatively affects yeast health, resulting in increased proofing time, and a negative affect on flavour. We propose that strains can be developed to survive the freezing process and retain good proofing capacity. For that purpose, all known Saccharomyces species were tested for freeze resistance and the best candidates used in breeding experiments with baking strains. The best strains identified were S. eubayanus and S. jurei. These were capable of fermenting doughs as well as baking yeast. After freezing these yeast performed significantly better than baking yeast and produced larger, softer breads with no off flavours. These strains show good potential for frozen-dough baking. Hybrid yeast created by mating baking and wild yeasts showed some improvement in performance relative to the parental strains.