Finlands Akademi
Namn Sanches Ribeiro, Andre
Organisation TTY
Projektets titel Engineering and analysis tools of synthetic genes with tailored dynamics
Beslutnr 305342
Beslutsdatum 30.09.2016
Finansieringsperiod 01.10.2016 - 30.09.2018
Finansiering 300 000
WebFOCUS Report
Beskrivning av projektet
This project used in vivo time-lapse confocal microscopy, genetic engineering, computational biology models, and signal processing to gather information on the dynamics of gene expression in bacteria. From this, a “Gene Engineering Framework” (GEF) was developed to design genes with tailored expression kinetics, for the benefit of society, businesses and industry in Finland. From a client’s specification, GEF combines the models, signal processing and measurements to, from pre-existing sequences, design a genetic construct that best fits the client’s request. GEF is a complete user-friendly software tool and strategy that will be ready for commercialization in subsequent years, to assist the development of Biomedicine and Biotechnology industries in Finland. We have already tested GEF to, among other, design probes for multi-channel single-RNA and protein detection integrated in small genetic circuits and we have produced genes whose expression dynamics fits predefined goals.