Finlands Akademi
Namn Moisseev, Dmitri
Organisation HY
Projektets titel Helsinki weather radar network; virtual testbed for advanced applications (VITAL)
Beslutnr 305175
Beslutsdatum 30.09.2016
Finansieringsperiod 01.10.2016 - 30.09.2018
Finansiering 286 621
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Beskrivning av projektet
Helsinki weather radar network, consisting of three radars, is a rather unique if somewhat underutilized resource. The radars spacing 10 to 20 km from each other cover the Helsinki metropolitan area and the largest airport in Finland. If compared to a single radar or to a traditional national weather radar network a dense network of weather radars provides a wealth of information. In urban areas precise precipitation measurements and nowcasts can be achieved by using such networks. Multi-Doppler radar observations can yield 3D wind maps and these can be used for detection of wind gusts and shears. A more detailed observations of 3D structure of clouds and precipitation can be used for detection of regions of hazardous weather conditions. The goal of the project is to utilize this existing infrastructure and transform it into a testbed for advanced applications, where stakeholders and interested parties could test and develop algorithms for various applications outlined above.