Finlands Akademi
Namn Bonsdorff von, Monika Elisabeth
Organisation JY
Projektets titel Optimizing Entrepreneur Retirement (OPTIMAL)
Beslutnr 303920
Beslutsdatum 30.09.2016
Finansieringsperiod 01.10.2016 - 30.09.2018
Finansiering 299 704
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Beskrivning av projektet
The aim of this project is to provide a model, application and information on entrepreneurís retirement process. Specifically, we aim to increase retirement awareness and optimize entrepreneur retirement, secure employment in the companies owned by ageing entrepreneurs who retire, help make entrepreneurship a more attractive employment alternative, and exploit the hidden growth potential in these companies by securing the business transfer. Key measures in utilizing the previous research results included (1) identifying entrepreneur retirement paths, (2) developing a model and application for optimizing entrepreneur retirement, and (3) piloting the model and application in Finnish SMEs. Empirical data collected among ageing entrepreneurs was used. During the project, we have actively informed entrepreneurs and the greater public about the importance of entrepreneur retirement and the need to start planning the exit retirement-related exit process well in advance.