Academy of Finland
Funding decision
Name Strandberg, Kim
Organisation ŇA
Project title Involving citizens through deliberative processes? -Experimental evidence on central causal mechanisms, and their applicability to real-life policy-making, of deliberative mini-publics.
Decision No. 294411
Decision date 29.04.2016
Funding period 01.09.2016 - 31.08.2021
Funding 434 485
WebFOCUS Report
Project description
The project examines how citizens can best be involved in political decision making through deliberative processes, so-called mini-publics, and how such an empowerment serves to augment discussion quality, democratic outcomes and also the perceived legitimacy of the decisions in question. The project is conducted using on-line experiments as the main method. Some of the experiments will be conducted together with Finnish municipalities and concern citizen discussions on actual societal matters in these municipalities. Often, scholarly experiments are precisely just experiments and fail to have any connection on actual policy. The proposed project thus serves to take the next step in research on deliberative democracy and test how, and what impact, providing deliberative mini-publics with policy influence has. The project will thus have clear societal benefits and the potential for scientific breakthroughs in the field of deliberative democracy and democracy theory is very large too.