Finlands Akademi
Namn Huttunen, Suvi
Organisation SYKE
Projektets titel Farming culture in transtion to sustainable agriculture - a practice approach
Beslutnr 277896
Beslutsdatum 10.04.2014
Finansieringsperiod 01.09.2014 - 31.08.2017
Finansiering 246 144
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Beskrivning av projektet
The research project examined changes in cultivation practices at Finnish farms after Finlandís inclusion in the EU in 1995. The main goal was to understand the reasons behind the adoption of environmentally friendly cultivation practices. The project was one of the first to apply practice theory at the agri-food sector. The change of agricultural practices connected tightly to the bundle of practices at the farm and changes were enabled or disabled based on the material realities and wider purposes of farming. Experimenting with new methods was a useful means for adjusting new practices to the practice bundle at the farms. To be more effective, agri-environmental policies and advisory work should enable and provide concrete means for the development of farm-specific solutions. Furthermore, the results point towards the need to challenge the dichotomy between alternative and conventional farming practices and demonstrate how different kinds of farms are dependent on each other.