Academy of Finland
Funding decision
Name Lipsanen, Harri
Organisation AALTO
Project title Two-dimensional programmable materials for optical and electronic applications
Decision No. 263566
Decision date 29.05.2012
Funding period 01.06.2012 - 31.05.2016
Funding 397 910
WebFOCUS Report
Project description
Graphene, a novel two-dimensional (2D) material made from carbon, has unique mechanical, electronic and optical properties. Recently, many other 2D systems, e.g., boron-nitride sheets with unique characteristics have been synthesized. These materials have been shown to be very promising candidates with programmable functionality for applications in next generation electronics and photonics. In the proposed research project, we plan to grow 2D materials such as graphene, hexagonal boron-nitride and their composites by chemical vapor deposition methods and a novel technique based on ion implantation of the constituent elements into metal foils followed by in-situ high-temperature annealing and nucleation of the material on the surface of the metal. By combining experiments and theory, we will further study the properties of the new 2D materials and explore their possible applications in electronic and optoelectronic devices.