Academy of Finland
Funding decision
Name Murtomäki, Lasse
Organisation AALTO
Project title Programmable Polyelectrolyte Nanocontainers for Cellular Drug Delivery
Decision No. 263551
Decision date 29.05.2012
Funding period 01.06.2012 - 31.05.2016
Funding 490 421
WebFOCUS Report
Project description
SmartDrug project is dedicated to the design of pH sensitive materials for medical applications, namely smart drug carriers and temporal medical implants. The studies of polyelectrolytes covered nanoparticles have shown that theses nanoscale structures are pH sensitive and could potentially be used as drug delivery system. The selective dissolution of polyelectrolytes from biopolymer based membrane matrix allows, on the other hand, more precise control over the life-time of temporal medical implant.